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Glasscock Guitars specializes in producing professional custom electric guitars and basses. Although in business for only a short while, our vast knowledge from various industries, our desire for a more creative life experience for all, and our dedication to pass along the blessings we’ve been given are at the core of each and every instrument we produce. Each is an individual work of art unto itself but only reaches its full expressive potential when coupled with the love of the musician for their craft.

  • Glasscock Guitars CW Model

  • Glasscock Guitars CW Model

    Introducing the Glasscock Guitars CW model. The shape was originally inspired by the G in the font used for the Glasscock Guitars logo.

    The design originated from a mistake I made while trying to learn how to write the G I had been using for my headstock logo. It’s changed slightly since then as well.

    As for the body design name? I decided to name it after the single individual responsible for me even considering working on a guitar, let alone build one. That person was my dad, Clark Wayne Glasscock. He went by CW most of his life so that’s the name of the guitar design, CW. If not for what I learned from him working in his body shop for over 20 years I wouldn’t be doing any of this today. I figure I at least owe him that much recognition and respect.

    The first iteration of this body style I went with the colors of a Ford F-150 he had in the early 80s, blue and silver. And since he drove dirt track stock cars in the 70s it’s receiving some hot rod pickups, one of which is a Bill Lawrence pickup. The other is a double humbucker. 🫢😱🫣 He also liked chrome so naturally I used chrome hardware. The mother of pearl caps on the chrome control knobs is because he loved and wore those shirts with pearl snaps instead of buttons.

    The body is mahogany with flame maple veneer, the neck is mahogany with an ebony stained maple fretboard and flame maple veneer on the headstock. Pickups - Bill Lawrence neck pickup and an off-brand 4 rail double humbucker at the bridge. Other hardware includes locking tuners, custom bone nut, and roller bridge. The 4 controls are all push/pull pots with my Ultimate Wiring configuration. The volume pots each split their respective humbucker to give a clean single coil tone while the neck tone pot switches the pickup configuration from parallel to series providing an overdriven tone. The bridge tone pot when pulled provides a phase shift of the pickups. These along with a 3-way selector switch offers the player over 20 tone variations before plugging in a single pedal.

    Others I want to thank for their contribution to building this guitar are:
    Cox Interior of Campbellsville, KY for the mahogany wood.
    David (BB) Benningfield of Str8Fwd for the feedback he has given on my builds as I progressed along this path of building guitars.
    Leo Lospenatto of Lospennato Guitars for his textbooks and the single comment that inspired me to create an original design.
    Mark Bailey of Bailey Guitars for teaching me how to build a guitar from scratch.
    My wife Pamela Glasscock for her support and encouragement as I’ve traversed this path towards becoming a luthier.
    Lastly I want to thank my parents Clark (CW) Glasscock and Helen Glasscock for instilling the knowledge, attitude, and mindset of, “I can do anything I put my mind to.” Without that key ingredient this guitar would not exist.

    I have been blessed by all of those listed above and more that I’m sure I’m forgetting.

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