About Us

Glasscock Guitars specializes in producing professional custom electric guitars and basses. Although in business for only a short while, our vast knowledge from various industries, our desire for a more creative life experience for all, and our dedication to pass along the blessings we’ve been given are at the core of each and every instrument we produce. Each is an individual work of art unto itself but only reaches its full expressive potential when coupled with the love of the musician for their craft.

Our role is to produce the best possible instrument we can using all the resources we have access to. Our knowledge of finishes, of electronics, of shaping things by hand all come from firsthand experience in various industries spanning several decades and easily apply to the art of making electric guitars and basses.

Our finishes are inspired by the wood our instruments are crafted from. Each body, once cut to its final shape, is meditated over, held, and loving caressed as we wait for the wood to speak and tell us how it wishes to be presented and adorned. Our connection to each instrument is the divine blessing we share with each musician so they may bless others with the music they create.